Transmet Aluminum Flakes are commonly used in chemical reactions that require aluminum. Aluminum Flakes are used in batteries, fuel cells, catalyst production, and more.

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Why Transmet Aluminum Flakes?

To quote a research study that Transmet flakes were tested in “Shape makes a Difference”.   Aluminum flakes tend to be about 1 mm square and 25 microns thick.  This means there is a lot of surface area in each flake.  In the video below you will see 60,000,000 flakes made in 30 seconds.

As the flake dissolves in a chemical reaction the thickness reduces while the surface are remains the same.  This offers a significant advantage over a aluminum powder.  The flakes have a large surface area but yet offer a significant mass for each flake.   This makes the flakes very stable in handling and transporting.

Our standard production alloy of aluminum is P-0303.This is 99.92 or better pure aluminum.

Transmet has been involved in several process patents that were based on the use of our flakes.

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