Paint Removal and Coating Removal

Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot blast media has found many applications in paint removal and coating removal. Initially we found a strong market with automotive component rebuilders that needed a media to remove old paint without damaging threaded holes, cast in part numbers, or otherwise damaging their cores.

As time went by, we started working with companies that were involved with removal of powder coating, e-coat, liquid paint, and more from rejected parts, fixtures, and jigs.

Our Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot has proven to be cleaner and less costly than other methods like chemical stripping, burn off, and even shot blasting with other media such as zinc cut wire, plastic media, walnut shells, soda blasting, glass beads, etc.

Our unique casting process and alloy solidification result in a long lasting, low dust and cost effective solution for your coating removal needs.

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Fixtures after being blasted by Transmet Shot (before and after)

Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot replaced zinc cut wire in an automotive paint fixture cleaning application.

Customer reported that Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot reduced blast cycle times by 50% and reduced shot usage dramatically.

E-Costed Part after being blasted with Transmet Shot (before and after)

E-Coated part cleaned with RSZ-750 (ZA4) Cast Zinc Shot in a tumble blast machine.

Powder Coated Part after being cleaned with Transmet Cast Shot (before and after)

Powder coated reject cleaned with RSZ-850 (ZA4) Cast Zinc Shot.



Transmet Cast Shot blast media will last over 10,000 hits before it needs replaced.  Plastics, nut shells, soda, sodium bicarbonate, wheat starch and others will only last about 10 hits before they turn to dust.  This means you will use 1,000 times less media using Transmet’s cast shot media which will save substantially on media costs.

Transmet Cast Shot media in action

Paint removal from 5056 aluminum panel with RSA-400 (319) Cast Aluminum Shot. Strip rates at 1 square foot per minute at 100 PSI.

Minimal surface profiling was achieved with no warping.

See Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot in action in our paint stripping video below:


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