Sample Part Processing

Transmet has in-house shot blasting equipment used for the evaluation of Transmet Abrasive Blast Media on customer-supplied parts. Send sample parts to the attention of our ‘Media Support Lab’ with details on your current and/or desired results.

This gives you the ability to see the surface finish on your parts and determine improvements (blast cycle time, shot consumption, etc.) compared to your current process.

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Transmet Corporation Table Blast Machine
Power Table Blaster

Transmet’s 36″ Power Table Blaster was designed specifically for test blasting. The design allows for fast media changes to test multiple sizes and alloys of Cast Zinc Shot and Cast Aluminum Shot in a short amount of time, as well as viewing through the glass window.

Tumble Blast Machine

Transmet’s 1.5 cubic foot rubber belt Tumble Blast Machine has an adjustable wheel speed for demonstrating different shot velocities. This is particularly useful in replicating the processing parameters in customer’s equipment. We have the ability to quickly change shot to demonstrate finishes with any of our blast media.

Tumble Blaster in Transmet's media support lab
Air Blast Cabinet in Transmet's Shot Blasting Media Support Lab
Air Blast Cabinet

Transmet’s Suction Air Blast Cabinet has a work area of approximately 20 cubic feet. Air pressure is readily adjustable. We have the ability to quickly change shot to demonstrate finishes with any of our blast media.

Ervin Test Machine

The Ervin Test Machine was engineered and developed to provide a universal method to evaluate the quality of metal abrasives (the only device designated by SAE). The machine will measure both the Durability (life) and Transmitted Energy (impact) of the abrasive, which are the two most important measures of value and quality. We test our Cast Zinc Shot and Cast Aluminum Shot to ensure consistent quality.

Ervin Test Machine in Transmet's Shot Blasting Media Support Lab


Solution: Control Cage Modification for Running Large Diameter Aluminum Shot

Some wheel blast machines may need a simple modification in order to run our larger Cast Aluminum Shot products such as RSA-1200 (319). On occasion the clearance between the rear of the impeller and the inside of the control cage may be tight and lead to galling issues. The solution is to remove the rear of the control cage to allow greater clearance.

This modification is simple and can be performed without removing the blast wheel assembly from the machine. Be sure to check the alignment of the impeller within the control cage.

See the video demonstration:



Case Studies

We are constantly updating our Knowledge Base with new case studies on business challenges we encounter in the field. These 1-2 pg PDFs look into successful and unsuccessful applications of our products.

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