Do you need clean, bright castings after shot blasting?

Apr 16 2014, by Transmet Corp in Application Bulletins

Brighter Castings After Shot Blasting


Magnesium Die Casting After Shot Blasting With Transmet Cast Zinc Shot Blast Media

Switching a shot blasting process over to Transmet ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot can lead to these potential benefits:

  • Clean, bright castings (see picture below)
  • Lower freight expense for blast media
  • Lower inventory cost
  • Lower the amount of dust in your plant


Shot Blasting Magnesium Castings


Blasting magnesium die castings can be extra challenging. Steel, stainless steel, and mineral abrasive media can cause galvanic corrosion and discolor magnesium.

If you take a look at the chart of galvanic compatibility you will notice that magnesium and stainless steel are very far apart. This means that there is a high potential for corrosion.

You’ll also notice that Zinc and Magnesium are very close together. The galvanic difference is less than one, so the potential for Zinc and Magnesium to interact is very low.


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